Ellex Medical Lasers Limited, (medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease), today announced that the World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC) to be held in Spain, 16-19 June 2018, has accepted an independent ‘Instructional Course’ on laser vitreolysis featuring the Company’s proprietary Reflex Technology.

Since making its patented Reflex Technology commercially available in 2012, the Ultra Q ReflexTM has become one of Ellex’s fastest growing product lines. It is the world’s first laser optimized for treatment of vitreous opacities, commonly referred to as floaters, and is expected to continue to be a key growth driver over the coming financial year.

The Company’s investment in developing the Reflex Technology platform and its subsequent promotion to major customers has resulted in strong support from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). This, in turn, has led to a series of peer-to-peer training events. The ‘Instructional Course’ at WOC is an important recognition of the value of this innovative technology.

This is also the first time a major ophthalmology organisation has hosted a formal training program to address the treatment of vitreous opacities with laser vitreolysis and is an indication that this innovative therapy is gaining acceptance in the wider ophthalmic community.

The instructional course will be hosted by Dr. Paul Singh, The Eye Centers of Kenosha and Racine, USA. Dr. Singh was an early adopter of Reflex TechnologyTM and is a KOL in the field.