EOS Imaging Awarded the Prix Galien

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The award is presented to EOS imaging in recognition of its EOS system for 2D/3D low dose imaging and associated EOSapps suite of online 3D surgical planning solutions for spine, hip and knee surgeries.

“We designed the EOS System specifically to address unmet needs in orthopedic imaging – providing high quality, full-body 2D and 3D images with less radiation exposure, as well as precise and complete patient data. Subsequently, we built on this foundation to offer EOS-based on line 3D surgical simulation, planning and control software solutions to help surgeons improve patient outcomes,” commented Marie Meynadier, Chief Executive Officer of EOS imaging. “We are proud to see EOS becoming a standard of care as our installed base continues to grow worldwide, and are honored that the Galien Foundation recognizes its contribution towards patient safety and improved orthopedic care.”

The Galien Foundation fosters, recognizes and rewards excellence in scientific innovation that improves human health. The Prix Galien recognizes excellence in the future of medicine and is based on a jury of 50 healthcare experts. It is awarded in six categories, including medical devices, drugs, research, eHealth, patient support, and dermatology.