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Saturday, October 23, 2021


HomeImagingEOSedge™ New Generation Imaging System is Launched
HomeImagingEOSedge™ New Generation Imaging System is Launched

EOSedge™ New Generation Imaging System is Launched

Today EOS imaging loctated in Paris, France announced the launch of its new generation imaging system, EOSedge, in Europe, Canada and Australia. The Company will unveil its new system at the upcoming Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2019 Annual Meeting starting on December 1st.

EOSedge combines the latest technological innovations in X-ray detection, low-dose radiation and high image resolution, to deliver outstanding musculoskeletal imaging exams. The system incorporates new Flex Dose™ technology to modulate radiation dose along the patient’s body as well as high-resolution photon counting detection to provide optimal image quality for musculoskeletal radiography.

EOSedge is also designed to improve patient comfort and maximize throughput. Its new open cabin includes a motorized, enlarged patient platform which enables easy access to a broader range of patients, and faster patient positioning, in addition to delivering larger fields of examination. In line with the Company’s dedication to more informed diagnostic imaging, EOSedge provides local and full body, weight-bearing, low-dose biplanar exams of adult and pediatric patients, allowing for unbiased images and precise anatomical data of patients in functional positions.

EOSedge will strengthen the portfolio of the Company, with the first-generation EOS® system continuing to be part of the EOS imaging offering. Both EOSedge and EOS are designed to work seamlessly with EOS Advanced Orthopedic Solutions, including 3DServices, EOSapps 3D surgical planning for spine, hip and knee as well as EOSlink™, which delivers the EOS surgical plan into the operating room to be used with advanced surgical technologies.

EOSedge has received regulatory approvals in Europe (CE Mark), Canada (Health Canada) and Australia (TGA) and is the subject of a pending 510(k) review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The first EOSedge system was installed earlier this year at the Imagerie Médicale du Créqui, in Lyon, France. Dr. Olivier Fantino, Musculoskeletal Radiologist at Imagerie Médicale du Parc and Imagerie Médicale du Créqui, commented: “We have been using the first-generation EOS system since 2011, and this unique orthopedic imaging system has allowed us to develop our practice, serving our referring clinicians with better, more informed exams. EOSedge is a leap forward in image quality, both in terms of spatial resolution and image contrast, all with a low radiation dose. Our months of utilization in routine have also proven enhanced patient comfort, facilitated system operation and a strong reduction of exam time. We are thrilled with our experience of EOSedge and expect it to open up new fields of application use in musculoskeletal imaging.”

“We engineered EOSedge to equip both radiologists and orthopedic surgeons with a best-in-class imaging system that combines the latest innovations to provide high quality diagnostic capabilities of orthopedic conditions at a low dose. Images and data obtained with EOSedge will further fuel our Advanced Orthopedic Solutions, while addressing a broad range of imaging and orthopedic surgery challenges. This breakthrough in orthopedic imaging is the result of a multi-year development effort by our outstanding inter-disciplinary team. Unveiling EOSedge at RSNA, the largest global imaging convention, will mark another pivotal step in realizing our strategic vision to deliver the best end-to-end solutions in orthopedic care,” stated Mike Lobinsky, Chief Executive Officer of EOS imaging.

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