Erchonia Making Strides in the Korean Market

Photograph of Erchonia Lunula Laser

Erchonia Corporation, the global leader in low-level laser technology (“3LT”), is announcing new strides in the Korean market, particularly with its Lunula Laser, which targets foot fungus non-thermally and non-invasively with low-level laser technology. Since bringing its first Lunula unit to Korea back in 2015, Erchonia has continued to grow its stake there, placing a total of 277 units to date throughout the country.

The Lunula Laser is backed by extensive clinical data that led to the U.S. FDA market-clearing the laser to provide clear nail growth in patients with onychomycosis. In a placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind clinical trial, 89 percent of patients responded to treatment, seeing clear, healthy nail growth in as little as four, 12-minute treatments per foot.

After Erchonia secured U.S. market clearance for the Lunula Laser, Erchonia’s international partner, C.M. Blue, registered the Lunula in Korea as the first device to improve onychomycosis with a non-thermal, low-level laser. Thanks to Lunula’s clinical results and Erchonia’s patent, C.M. Blue received approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) on July 24, 2017, and Lunula has been growing in popularity in Korea ever since.

“The Lunula has been a great success among our product lines,” says Hoon Cheol Kim, CEO & President of C.M. Blue. “It’s very helpful for patients to have a non-thermal, painless treatment, covered by insurance. Doctors also save time with an effective and comfortable procedure for patients. The mutual needs of both doctors and patients are met with Lunula.”

C.M. Blue Sales & Marketing Director Joo Ho Park is also continuing this momentum by securing the most influential doctors to speak at medical conferences in Korea, targeting major clinics, and supporting Lunula’s expansion with various marketing activities including blogging and advertising.

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