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Ethicon*, part of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMD), has emphasized its commitment to improving access to life-changing obesity treatment and putting the most appropriate surgical tools in the hands of surgeons at the 22nd World Congress of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases (IFSO 2017). During the congress, Ethicon will be demonstrating how the choice of surgical innovation can impact clinical results, by showcasing the ECHELON FLEX™ GST System and the data that underpins its real-world effectiveness.

IFSO 2017 takes place at a time when nearly 30 percent of the world’s population is overweight or obese, equating to 2.1 billion people.i In Europe alone, approximately 20 percent of the adult population are obese.ii  This has significant economic implications in the EU, with nearly €33 billion annual healthcare costs attributed to obesity.iii Bariatric surgery has been shown to have a substantial and sustained effect on weight and significantly improved co-morbidities in the majority of patients, resulting in a reduction in medication needs and an improvement in both long-term health and quality of life.iv

Silvia De Dominicis, Ethicon Franchise Vice President for EMEA said, “For certain patients with obesity, bariatric surgery offers a chance to break free of this life-threatening condition and its associated diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes.”  Dominicis added, “We know that just as it has to be the right treatment for the right patient, having the right choice of instruments also matters to surgeons.  So, at Ethicon, we are committed to increasing access and providing the surgical community with the most innovative devices to help deliver the best outcomes.”

At IFSO 2017, Ethicon will be helping surgeons make informed choices by providing hands-on demonstrations of the ECHELON FLEX™ GST System. This surgeon-controlled, powered stapler and reload system (available in 60mm and 45mm) is designed to enable precision stapling performance with uniform staple line formation, across the widest range of tissue thickness – making it ideally suited for bariatric surgery. A real-world analysis of hospital discharge data from the Premier Perspective® Hospital Database has shown that use of Powered ECHELON FLEX™ is associated with significant clinical and economic benefits. These include 47% lower rate of bleeding complicationsv, 14% shorter operating room timevi and 13% lower overall hospital costsvii when compared to other leading manual staplers on the market.

Tom O’Brien, Vice President of Global Strategic Marketing for Ethicon, added: “Stapler choice is linked directly to patient outcomes for bariatric surgery, so we’re presenting our latest ECHELON innovations at IFSO, alongside the real-world evidence and science that underpin their value. We’ll also be looking to the future with a symposium discussing controversies surrounding revisional bariatric surgery, educational booth presentations and an innovation session aimed at exploring the concept of Digital Surgery.”

The company will be showcasing current technologies, research and evidence, and access to care initiatives throughout IFSO 2017. Visit Booth #1 in the Fleming Exhibition Area, for more information.


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