Ethicon Showcases Leading Edge Solutions Beyond The O.R. To Empower Patients And Providers In Fight Against Obesity

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New Health Partner for Weight Loss Digital Platform and App Among Latest Innovations that are Paving the Way for Bariatric Surgery Success

Ethicon*, part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies**, and a leader in bariatric surgery for more than 15 years, continues to innovate both inside and outside the operating room with innovations that span novel technologies, groundbreaking research, and professional education.  Now, Ethicon is partnering with Johnson & Johnson Health & Wellness Solutions to introduce a new digital platform and smartphone app offering resources and decision-making tools for patients considering weight loss surgery. The company made the announcement today at ObesityWeek™ 2017 (#OW2017), an international scientific conference that brings together world-renowned experts in the field of obesity and bariatric surgery.

Ethicon reports the company is engaged in a multi-year, multi-million-dollar effort to combat obesity through the development of innovative products and services that enhance the patient experience.  Ethicon is also sponsoring ground-breaking research that demonstrates the impact of bariatric surgery on obesity and related diseases including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

“We are focused on bringing innovative devices to market, filling evidence gaps, and providing resources with the goal of optimizing outcomes and helping to break down the clinical, societal, economic, psychological and policy barriers that prevent people from getting life-changing weight loss surgery,” said Michael del Prado, Company Group Chairman, Ethicon.

The company will introduce Johnson & Johnson Health Partner for Weight Loss Surgery, a new digital platform created by Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions that is designed to help people thinking about weight loss surgery better understand their options and make informed decisions about treatment, and to help those that go on to have surgery stay on track and get physical, mental and emotional support as they get back to living their fullest lives.

“We believe providing patients and healthcare professionals with the tools and resources they need throughout the entire weight loss surgery experience is essential to success,” said Elliott Fegelman, MD, Therapeutic Area Lead for Metabolics, Ethicon. “From making the important decision to seek treatment to adopting a healthy lifestyle after surgery, patients need support. Health Partner for Weight Loss Surgery can help provide it digitally, through evidence-based behavioral science techniques and best clinical practices.”

The Health Partner for Weight Loss Surgery website provides comprehensive information for those considering surgery about the range of surgical options, the risks and benefits of each procedure, real life patient stories, recipes specifically designed for weight loss surgery patients, a tool to navigate insurance requirements and a surgeon locator. Visit the Health Partner for Weight Loss Surgery website here.

The app features easy to use and engaging tools that help patients set healthy weight loss goals, monitor their nutrition, diet and exercise, track their progress, and keep them motivated after surgery. The app is available on iTunes, and soon on Android.  In 2018, a digital portal will be added to the app to facilitate two-way communication between patients and their healthcare providers, who can keep up-to-date on patient progress, activities and challenges.