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Evonik Acquires a Surface Modification Technology Platform from Interface Biologics

September 3, 2019

Evonik, a global leader in biomaterials for use in medical implant applications, today announced the acquisition of the Endexo® surface modification business of Interface Biologics, a privately-held material science company located in Toronto, Canada.

Evonik notes the acquisition is an important next step to further strengthen the capabilities of the growth engine Health & Care.

Endexo® is a proprietary additive technology that enhances the biocompatibility of medical devices that come into contact with blood, tissue or other biological fluids. The low molecular weight fluoro-oligomers used in Endexo® are incorporated during the device manufacturing process and migrate to within nanometres of the surface. By suppressing procoagulant protein conformation, decreasing platelet adhesion and inhibiting platelet activation, Endexo® reduces the risk of thrombotic events. It also suppresses bacteria adhesion and biofilm formation to reduce infection risk.

A number of medical device companies have licensed the use of the Endexo® technology in cardiovascular and other applications. Some of these products are already commercially available, while others are part of promising clinical trials.

“We are excited to onboard the Endexo® technology in our portfolio.” said Jean-Luc Herbeaux, SVP and General Manager of the Health Care business line of Evonik. “Endexo® expands our ability to serve as a development partner and solution provider to medical device companies worldwide. The team of Interface Biologics has done an exemplary job developing this innovative technology and bringing it to market. We look forward to applying our global business development capabilities and technical prowess to further expand the geographic and application footprint of Endexo®.”

“We have been working closely with Evonik on joint development opportunities over the last few years,” said Tom Reeves, President and CEO of Interface Biologics. “I am confident that the combination of the Endexo® technology platform and the technical, commercial and financial resources of Evonik will enable the rapid acceleration of the business across broad sectors of the medical device market.”

Additional terms of the agreement will not be disclosed.

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