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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Chemence Medical Receives FDA Clearance for new Exofin® Precision Pen

Chemence Medical, Inc., a manufacturer, and distributor of adhesive-based medical devices, announced it received Food and Drug Administration clearance to market and sell the Exofin® Precision Pen as a new medical device for wound closure. The Exofin Precision Pen will enable medical providers greater versatility and exactness in closing wounds while also improving ease of use in applying topical skin adhesive.

The Exofin Precision Pen will supplement Chemence Medical’s popular Exofin products, the fast-drying 2­octyl cyanoacrylate topical adhesives with the highest viscosity formulation in the industry, with its new application methods, 30% increased viscosity and industry-leading 14-day microbial barrier. The Exofin Precision Pen is available from Chemence Medical for immediate sale.

“In listening to feedback from physicians, it became clear every patient is different and every procedure is unique in a variety of ways,” said Jeff Roberson, President of Chemence Medical. “Doctors and surgeons emphasized they wanted an adhesive that could be applied with precision, regardless of the wound size or location, even in the most delicate procedures.” “We designed the Exofin Precision Pen to meet these needs by making it natural to hold, incorporating multiple applicators, and allowing doctors to vary the flow of adhesive with a pressure-controlled delivery system and higher viscosity formulation while maintaining the fast dry times of our other Exofin products.”

The Exofin Precision Pen is the only pen-style applicator on the market to feature an adjustable tip that allows the user to control the adhesive width by supporting three different application methods in a single device: a micro-bristle brush for wide coverage, an inverted brush for narrow lines, and an angle precision tip for micro lines. The Exofin Precision Pen also includes an ergonomic design with a grooved non-slip surface, a pressure-controlled variable adhesive flow rate, a see-through activation chamber for easily viewing the adhesive flow, and contains up to 152% more usable adhesive than other products in the industry. The Exofin Precision Pen provides a 14-day microbial barrier to improve recovery and allow patients to resume normal activities faster, including showering without special coverings or dressings.

“Our continued mission with Exofin products is to enable doctors to achieve the perfect line every time,” said Roberson. “Whether it’s a substantial abdominal incision, a fine incision behind the ear or somewhere in between, the Exofin Precision Pen is ready to be that versatile tool for physicians to improve patient outcomes.”

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