Exosystems (healthcare robotics system) announced today they will be conducting a trial run of its ICT muscular rehabilitation solution “ExoRehab” at hospitals in Vietnam.

Exosystems, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, has signed a partnership contract with Medipeace Vietnam, which is already involved in local rehabilitative care projects, and plans to introduce ExoRehab in Vietnamese hospitals by December 2018. Medipeace is an NGO that conducts medical support projects around the world.

Developed independently by Exosystems, ExoRehab is a next-generation muscular rehabilitation solution that combines medical treatment with information and communications technology. Used in conjunction with neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), the treatment method currently in use, it has patients play rehabilitative games developed by medical professionals and provides a systematic rehabilitative care program. ExoRehab effectively accelerates patients’ rehabilitation rates and assists medical personnel in the provision of effective patient care and management.

Through its partnership with Medipeace Vietnam, Exosystems will be entering both the Korean and international rehabilitation markets. The conformance test for ExoRehab was completed at Wonju Severance Christian Hospital in November 2017, and clinical testing with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital is currently underway. The product is scheduled to be released in the North American market in the second half of 2019.

Exosystems founder and CEO Hooman Lee said, “Exosystems completed the development and certification procedures for our ExoRehab device within just a year and a half after the company’s founding in January 2017, and is working quickly to supply the product to our clients. We hope that the trial run of ExoRehab in Vietnam will promote the provision of advanced technology in the field of rehabilitative care, which is a major aspect of the problem of population aging that many countries around the world are now facing.”

Exosystems was founded by researchers specialized in intelligent robotic systems who were formerly affiliated with the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute. In May 2017, the company received an investment of KRW 300 million from Kakao Ventures, a renowned Korean venture capital firm.