John Preston, Managing Partner of TEM Capital, and Greg Dollarhyde, managing member of Dollarhyde Enterprise Group, will join the ExThera Board of Directors immediately. ExThera, an early-stage device company in the Bay Area, is a developer of device-based therapies for removing bacteria and viruses from blood.

Preston’s background includes a 30-year tenure at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), directing technology licensing and managing the interface between researchers and industry. Through MIT’s technology licensing office, he helped to create hundreds of new technology-based companies. Preston also served as a technology subject matter expert in various capacities for U.S. presidential administrations and government agencies. Since leaving MIT, Preston continues his efforts to create technology based companies, most recently, Braidy Industries.

John will contribute considerable entrepreneurial expertise, along with an intimate understanding of strategic partnerships and the national and international technology landscapes, in his role on the board as ExThera works to bring game-changing technology to the marketplace for the treatment of bloodstream infections and sepsis.

Greg Dollarhyde has been CEO or Chairman of eight separate companies in his career and has invested in and counseled entrepreneurs and corporations across several industry verticals, including ExThera and a multi-billion-dollar gaming company, generating substantial wealth creation for investors. Dollarhyde was formerly Executive Chairman & CEO of ZOES KITCHEN, an NYSE-listed company based in Dallas, with an established base of more than 250 restaurants. Additionally he serves on the boards of BLAZE PIZZA and VEGGIEGRILL, and was the former CFO of then publicly-held TGI Fridays.

With core specialties including corporate governance, capital formation and building enterprise value, Greg’s deep-rooted expertise in financial strategy and business development will be instrumental as ExThera works to bring their groundbreaking technology to the U.S. and European marketplaces for the treatment of bloodstream infections.

“We are excited to bring John Preston and Greg Dollarhyde to our Board of Directors,” said Robert Ward, CEO of ExThera Medical Corporation. “John brings to ExThera a remarkable set of skills and background in moving technology into the marketplace on a grand scale. As ExThera begins to build global partnerships for its groundbreaking platform technology in the battle against drug-resistant pathogens, dysregulated host response and dozens of intractable disease groups, John’s experience and network will enhance the development of the company in immediate, powerful, and substantial ways.”

“Greg has been a longtime supporter and investor of our efforts to contribute to medical science not only as ExThera, but in our previous company, The Polymer Technology Group – where we invented and brought to market transformational medical devices and materials for companies like Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Advanced NeuroStimulation Systems and Dexcom,” Ward continued. “With Greg’s masterful, high-energy approach to quickly developing early stage companies, we are delighted he has agreed to join ExThera’s Board of Directors, where he will play key roles in finance and business development.”