First Commercial Line of Bioresorbable PLA-PEG Copolymers for Implantable Medical Devices

RESOMER® PLA-PEG copolymers match mechanical strength of standard PLA polymers but enable degradation rates up to six times faster Designed to enhance device performance and accelerate patient healing for wound closure, pediatric and other applications Innovation strengthens Evonik’s Health & Care growth engine

Sunday, March 7, 2021

RESOMER® PLA-PEG copolymers combine the hydrophobic (water repelling) properties of polylactide (PLA) polymers with the hydrophilic (water attractant) properties of polyethylene glycol (PEG). As triblock copolymers, the portfolio can replicate the mechanical strength of standard RESOMER® polymers but enables degradation rates up to six times faster. This unique combination of strength and rapid degradation allows medical device companies to develop a new class of bioresorbable implant devices for use across application areas such as wound closure and paediatrics that better match the natural healing process of the patient.

Four RESOMER® PLA-PEG grades with degradation rates between six and 12 months or less have been developed within the standard RESOMER® catalog. Two grades are now available, with two others scheduled to be launched in the coming months. A range of customization options are also available under RESOMER® Select.  Like other RESOMER® products, RESOMER® PLA-PEG copolymers are easy-to-process, compatible with all relevant technologies, and provide long-term stability.

“Medical devices represent an important focus area of Evonik’s growth engine Health & Care,” said Dr. Jean-Luc Herbeaux, SVP and General Manager of the Health Care business line of Evonik. “Our new line of RESOMER® PLA-PEG copolymers is the latest expansion of our market-leading portfolio of functional biomaterials, surface modification technologies and application services to help customers enhance the safety, biocompatibility and performance of their implantable medical devices.”

“Evonik is pleased to have addressed this unmet market need for bioresorbable polymers that combine outstanding strength with rapid degradation,” said Dr. Andreas Karau, Global Head of Biomaterials for Evonik. “We look forward to customers leveraging our new line of RESOMER® PLA-PEG copolymers to enhance device performance across a range of application areas including wound closure and paediatrics.”

The Health Care business line, which is part of the Nutrition & Care segment of Evonik, serves more than 1,000 pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical device customers worldwide. Its portfolio of RESOMER® bioresorbable polymers, Endexo® surface modification technologies and application technologies services is a core element of the Health & Care growth engine, which helps drive Evonik’s profitable and balanced growth.

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