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First-Ever Blood Collection Tube for cfDNA/cfRNA & gDNA/RNA Pairing Launched

The Synergy Tube is a BCT specifically designed to optimize nucleic acid recovery and cancer tumor cells (CTC) from the point of blood draw. The Synergy Tube and proprietary stabilizer dramatically improve the quantity and quality of these components for downstream genetic diagnostics.

The Synergy Tube is unbreakable yet has all of the characteristics of glass. cfDNA/cfRNA and cellular gDNA/RNA can be extracted from the same tube allowing you to pair results from the same sample. Draw volume is larger and with less hemolysis than any other product on the market. The Synergy Tube is designed to address the need to protect patient samples during transportation to the clinical lab.

SiO2 Materials Science, Chief Scientist, Dr Christopher Weikart, believes this breakthrough product has the ability to fundamentally change the future of the healthcare industry.

“The risk of bodily injury and pathogen exposure using fragile glass and the frustration of short draw volumes and sample contamination using permeable plastics are a thing of the past,” said Weikart.

Technical information can be found here.

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