First Implantation Of SPIRA®-O Open Matrix OLIF

Reported by Camber Spine Technologies

Friday, March 5, 2021

Camber Spine, a leading innovator in spine and medical technologies, today announced the implantation of their first oblique lumbar interbody fusion (OLIF) specific device from the SPIRA® family using the company’s proprietary SPIRA®-O Open Matrix OLIF, a unique, interbody fusion implant consisting of spiral support arches and Surface by Design™ technology.

Dr. Jeffrey McConnell, MD of Allentown, PA was the first surgeon to clinically implant the SPIRA®-O device into a patient: “I have been a long-time supporter of the SPIRA® technology from Camber Spine, like other SPIRA® products this is a solid performer in terms of strength, ease of insertion, and I appreciate the surface texturing which encourages fusion between the bone and the implant.  I see faster and more robust fusions in all my patients.  Now that Camber has developed an implant that is specific to the anterior to psoas approach, I am able to access all levels of the lumbar spine from one patient position, and the SPIRA®-O instrumentation and design has enabled me with the ability to place deformity corrective sized implants in each level without the complications associated with utilizing risky orthogonal moves. This product is a great addition to the SPIRA® line and makes OLIF’s easier”.

The SPIRA®-O is a deliberately designed implant with a straight in-line insertion taking advantage of a natural corridor for an oblique, anterior to psoas, approach while the patient is in a lateral position.  The SPIRA®-O is specifically designed with implant configurations, lordotic angles and associated instruments to access all levels of the lumbar spine without an orthogonal maneuver.  The SPIRA®-O also incorporates Camber Spine’s proprietary technology Surface by Design® and its patented arch design for redistribution of load and decreased subsidence while maximizing bone graft volume.

Daniel Pontecorvo, CEO of Camber Spine, stated “The SPIRA®-O is a monumental leap forward in Camber’s single position platform.  By incorporating our patented and proven open architecture design with surgeon innovations in access and approach to the lumbar spine, Camber has figured out how to address complex spine pathologies from one approach angle where others have failed to innovate.  This area of the spine calls for specific implants and instruments to be created to give the surgeon the best results, Camber has now created a device specific for the OLIF approach while most other companies continue to repurpose their existing lateral platforms, without success. SPIRA®-O and our upcoming training labs will transform the way surgeons are treating lumbar deformity.”

The SPIRA®-O device is being evaluated by the surgeon design team for the next 90 days with an expected full nationwide launch during late September.

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