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United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, today announced that its uEXPLORER total-body PET/CT system is now in use.

United Imaging developed uEXPLORER in partnership with the EXPLORER Consortium led by Simon Cherry, Ph.D., and Ramsey Badawi, Ph.D., from the University of California, Davis. UC Davis Health has now completed installation of the uEXPLORER and is actively using the technology for patient scans.

“uEXPLORER aims to revolutionize molecular imaging, moving from traditional whole-body PET/CT imaging to simultaneous total-body imaging,” said Jeffrey M. Bundy, Ph.D, chief executive officer at UIH Solutions. “What’s exciting about today’s news is that after much hard work and collaboration, this technology is now being used for patient care. This clinical installation at UC Davis Health is the first of what we know will be many installations across North America that will transform molecular imaging.”

Part of United Imaging’s all-digital PET/CT portfolio, uEXPLORER accomplishes total-body imaging in a single bed position in as little as 20 to 30 seconds. It also allows for fast and continuous tracking of tracer distribution in blood, organs, and tissues throughout the body. With these cutting-edge capabilities, the uEXPLORER opens new research opportunities that have not been possible with traditional PET/CT technology. More specifically, the uEXPLORER offers unparalleled support for pharmacokinetic studies and radiation dose evaluation.

“We’re very proud that UC Davis Health is the site of the first uEXPLORER installation in North America,” said Dr. Badawi, chief of nuclear medicine at UC Davis. “The images we’re seeing with uEXPLORER are unprecedented. We’re capturing detail we have never seen before, and I am sure this is going to positively affect patient care.”

Added Dr. Cherry, professor of biomedical engineering and radiology, “We can now capture the dynamic distribution of our tracers at incredibly high temporal resolution, opening up new opportunities for innovative research using this powerful technology platform.”

The first clinical patient in the U.S. to be scanned using the uEXPLORER was Magdalena Gonzalez, 49, a mother of seven who was scanned for the purpose of better staging her lymphoma. About the technology and her experience with the scan, she said, “I’m very happy, because I am going to see what it is I have. I am happy I was selected for this.”

UC Davis Health is improving lives and transforming healthcare by providing excellent patient care, conducting groundbreaking research, fostering innovative, interprofessional education, and creating dynamic, productive partnerships with the community.



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