Flower Orthopedics Adds to its Market Leading Ready-For-Surgery™ Product Line

OrthoNext Digital Platform for the JuniOrtho Plating System Receives FDA Clearance

“Together, OrthoNext and the JuniOrtho Plating System provide a complete solution for surgeons looking for a plating system to address the specific demands of advanced deformity and trauma reconstruction of the lower extremities in the pediatric population,” said Orthofix President of Global Orthopedics Paul Gonsalves.

SonarMed, New Pediatric Monitor Alerts Clinicians To Potential Airway Obstructions During Ventilation Launched

"The SonarMed airway monitoring device has revolutionized the way we care for our littlest patients. There is no other device in the world that can tell you where the endotracheal tube is located within the airway continuously in real-time, and whether the tube is obstructed or even partially occluded," said Jamie W. Powers, M.D., MBA, neonatologist at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, California.

Flower Orthopedics, the leader in Ready-for-Surgery™ extremity implant systems, announces multiple expansions to its product line. “With these latest additions to our portfolio, we continue our commitment to establish the most comprehensive offering of sterile, surgical, efficiency-based products, producing cost savings for our partners,” said Oliver Burckhardt, President and CEO of Flower Orthopedics.

The company describes The Flower Efficiency (E-Kit™) Advanced, as a multi-functional, sterile, Ready-for-Surgery™ instrument kit contains all the instruments necessary for an implant procedure. The enhanced E-Kits feature instruments designed to reduce surgical steps and facilitate faster surgery. “The new E-Kits expand upon our sterile Ready-for-Surgery™ instrument platform. The E-Kit can be used for Flower’s plating system, as well as, for both our Cannulated headed and Headless Compression Screw systems. It eliminates the hassle of onsite sterilization. A single sterile E-Kit replaces the instruments in two sterilization trays which undergo costly, timely and sometimes ineffective sterilization cycles,” Burckhardt said.

Developed to provide exceptional anatomic fit and to reduce operating room time, FlowerGraft™ is a comprehensive foot reconstruction platform for Evans and Cotton procedures. FlowerGraft™ is the world’s first system containing pre-shaped, bi-cortical allografts packaged in saline, which can be employed with the specifically designed sterile single-use FlowerGraft™ instrument kit.  According to Elizabeth Hewitt, DPM in Columbus, OH, “With the grafts packaged in saline and the novel single-use instruments, the FlowerGraft™ System saves me up to 30 minutes of OR time. The low profile plates provide anatomic fixation without affecting the adjacent soft tissues.”

Flower Orthopedics also announces the addition of its Headless Compression Screws to complete its comprehensive Ready-for-Surgery™ cannulated screw platform. The Headless Compression Screws are available across several diameters to accommodate the most common foot, ankle, hand and wrist procedures.  Following the principle of driving standardization and surgical efficiency, the Flower Headless Compression screws are used in combination with the Flower E-Kit.




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