Gaumard’s High Tech Pediatric HAL® S2225 Simulators in the Limelight at AAP 2018

Pediatric HAL, the world's most advanced pediatric patient simulator, leads the line-up

HAL® S2225 Simulators: A 5-year-old boy is rushed to the ER on a stretcher, bleeding and exhibiting convulsions. Pediatricians go into action with the critical thinking skills and confidence of a team that has prepared for challenging cases using high-fidelity, lifelike simulation as part of their intensive training program.

Gaumard Scientific will exhibit Pediatric HAL®, the latest addition to its family of advanced simulators and skills trainers, in Booth 1139 at the American Academy of Pediatrics 2018 National Conference & Exhibition at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

Pediatric HAL

“Pediatric HAL® S2225, the world’s most advanced pediatric patient simulator, is the latest high-fidelity simulator to join Gaumard’s family, which has been growing steadily since Gaumard pioneered wireless, fully tetherless simulation technology in 2004,” Gaumard executive vice president John Eggert says.

“Pediatric HAL is designed with high fidelity functionality to help medical educators teach the specialized skills needed to effectively communicate, diagnose, and treat young patients, using real diagnostic and therapeutic equipment in a variety of clinical areas,” Eggert added. “It’s the closest experience to a real-world pediatric emergency, nursing, and critical care available today.”

Simulation-based education is now a key component of academic and continued professional education. Through scenario-based learning, Pediatric HAL can help participants assess verbal and non-verbal cues to build patient-provider communication skills and empathy. In addition to illustrating nearly a dozen facial expressions, Pediatric HAL also simulates a variety of emotional states to represent behavior better, providing a new level of patient-provider communication for medical education.

Pediatric HAL supports a broad range of real patient monitors and sensors. He also features dynamic lung compliance that responds to real mechanical ventilation. This enables learners to develop the skills needed to set up and operate equipment as they would in real clinical situations.

Pediatric HAL includes 10 outcome-focused scenarios designed to replicate a variety of clinical situations throughout the spectrum of pediatric care. Accompanying each Simulation Learning Experience™ is a detailed written guide for setting up, planning, and facilitating the learning experience.

Watch HAL in multiple realistic medical scenarios here.

Cutting-edge Pediatric Simulation Technology

Gaumard’s pediatric family of patient simulators on exhibit at AAP also include a comprehensive selection of pediatric patient simulators and skills trainers.  They cover the spectrum of pediatric age groups to meet the educational needs of generalists and specialists.

  • Super Tory® S2220, the world’s most advanced neonatal patient simulator for managing neonatal pulmonary disorders and identifying signs of neonatal cardiovascular disease.

Super Tory provides active movement, true ventilator support, and real patient monitoring. These are just a few of the revolutionary new capabilities which allow Super Tory to simulate complex pathologies and respond to interventions with unparalleled realism.

Watch Super Tory in this dramatic action video.

  • Tory® S2210 offers a new level of fidelity with true-to-life physical and physiological attributes essential for effective neonatal care simulation training. With a truly wireless and tetherless design, educators can freely simulate clinical cases in any setting, even in transit.
  • Pediatric HAL® S3004 allows you to take an advanced simulation where you need to train. It may be at an accident scene, in an ER, an EMS vehicle, or even in a PICU.
  • Premie HAL® S2209, a lifelike, wireless and tetherless 30-week preterm patient simulator designed to facilitate the training of residents and health care professionals in the areas of preterm airway management, resuscitation, stabilization, transport, and intensive care.
  • Premie HAL® S108.100 is a lifelike, 24-week preterm patient simulator designed to facilitate the training of healthcare professionals in the areas of airway management, respiratory support, and resuscitation.
  • Newborn PEDI® Skills Trainer Model: S109, designed with anatomic resemblance and realistic articulation to aid educators and prepare learners for simulation-based education. Training skills include intubation, ventilation, compressions, IV cannulation, umbilical catheterization and more.

Care In Motion™ Video-Assisted Debriefing

Care In Motion™ is an innovative video recording and playback platform designed to help educators maximize participant learning through video-assisted debriefing. Care In Motion finally makes recording and playback simple enough for anyone to use, allowing educators to focus on delivering the best debriefing and learning experience possible.

Simply power on Care In Motion and tap the screen to wirelessly record audio and video from multiple sources simultaneously, whether at the point of injury or in transit, without interruption.

Care In Motion allows educators to record exercises and playback sessions for debriefing — all from one place. The Care In Motion tablet and HD wireless cameras are seamlessly integrated with Gaumard’s UNI® operating system to automatically capture and synchronize simulator patient vitals, sensor data, and patient interaction with video in real time.

Choose from three Care In Motion packages designed for indoor/in-hospital, outdoor and mobile simulation, including patient hand-offs and transport.

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