SONON 300L wireless handheld diagnostic ultrasound (Medical Device News Magazine)

Healcerion reported today that Primary Care Physicians and other clinicians across the US are using the newly-launched SONON 300L wireless, handheld ultrasound device to accelerate diagnosis, gain deeper insight into patient health and provide a richer patient experience, while increasing revenue through the addition of this service to patients.

Healcerion Founder and CEO, Dr. Benjamin Jeongwon Ryu, M.D. said, “SONON 300L is ultra-compact and easier to use than any other handheld ultrasound in the US market. By removing prior space and budgetary barriers to acquiring a diagnostic ultrasound device, physicians and patients both benefit.”

The SONON 300L is available at an unprecedented price point, about 1/10 the cost of a traditional floor-based ultrasound unit, providing affordable, easy-to-use ultrasound technology that was previously out of reach for the budgets of many practitioners.

“I found that the SONON 300L was light, easy to hold and had user-friendly software. The image was perfect for guided injections and superficial diagnostics. Learning to use the device was very easy,” says Jeannine, ARDMS PT, MS, RMSK.

“I am very impressed by the image quality produced by such a compact, easy to use device. Breast resolution is phenomenal,” states Sue Ovel, RDMS, RVT.

SONON 300L is operated using intuitive touchscreen controls, and is designed to be used anywhere with an app downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store. It uses a paired tablet or smartphone as a display, where images can be analyzed and shared quickly. The entire device weighs only 13 ounces (370 grams) and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with industry-leading 3-hour continuous run-time, Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G/LTE cellular capability. SONON 300L also supports medical imaging protocols including DICOM.

It provides a new diagnostic ultrasound option for retail clinics, urgent care centers, mini-hospitals, home health care providers, and remote regions where cost, space, and mobility requirements previously put ultrasound out of reach.

Dr. Ken Meisler, DPM, says, “The SONON 300L is a great fit for Podiatry. The portability of the unit is one of its greatest features.  The unit connects with iOS and Android devices providing an easy to learn intuitive interface. A point of care device that allows for the imaging of ultrasound-guided procedures, good penetration allowing clear view of structures including the plantar fascia.”