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License Agreement Signed for Manufacture and Supply of Novel Limb Sterilization Device Reported Health Enterprise East

Health Enterprise East (HEE), today announced the signing of a manufacture and distribution agreement for a novel limb sterilization sleeve between Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Pentland Medical Limited, a provider of clinical products.

Health Enterprises East reports the agreement was facilitated by HEE, who have provided ongoing project support from patent management and prototype development, through to product commercialization including the sourcing of commercial partners and deal negotiation.

The Limb Sterilisation Sleeve has been developed by consultant hand surgeon at Royal Derby Hospital, Mr Chris Bainbridge, with support from the Trust. The device improves the current method of prepping legs and arms for surgery by standardizing the sterilization procedure whist allowing it to take place on the ward. This reduces theater time and potentially the risk of post-operative infections.

The Limb Sterilization Sleeve consists of a clear plastic sleeve that can be securely sealed around the limb to be prepped for theater.  The device includes a portal for the controlled application of disinfection fluid and, once skin preparation has been completed, the sleeve can be removed cleanly with the limb now prepped for surgery.

“Limb sterilization is generally performed in the theater before surgery where the disinfectant is ‘wiped’ over the area. The volume of disinfectant used on the patient can vary drastically and it is a particularly messy job. In developing the sterilization sleeve we can better control the procedure, improve theater efficiency and potentially reduce the infection risk to patients undergoing surgery,” commented Mr Chris Bainbridge, the device inventor.  He went on to say, “We really value the support that HEE has given in bringing this product to market and its help in negotiating the agreement with Pentland.”

Stewart Munro, Managing Director at Pentland Medical added: “Pentland Medical focuses on providing unique clinical products for healthcare and we look for solutions that not only benefit the patient, but also deliver real cost savings. We look forward to building our working relationship with Derby Hospitals Foundation Trust.”

“HEE has worked closely with the inventor, Mr Chris Bainbridge and the Trust on this project, providing IP management and product development support, said Robert Donald, Senior Intellectual Property Manager at HEE.  “We are delighted that our experience in commercializing NHS innovation helped in brokering the agreement and look forward to seeing the sterilization sleeve in operation,” concluded Donald.

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