HealthCheck by Stratum Launches Public-Facing, Global Health Safeguard Technology

Stratum Technology, the trusted technology company to enterprise leaders across the globe and market front-runner in COVID-19 screening with its secure cloud-based platform HealthCheck, unveils the first-of-its-kind, universally-recognized QR code technology to assess and share an individual’s health status in adherence to local, state and federal guidelines.

HealthCheck’s updated system provides an official health qualifier for consumers and business owners, ensuring a streamlined system to implement and adhere to safety protocols across every community. Using this technology, HealthCheck arms businesses and recreational spaces with the information needed to confidently grant or deny individual and stakeholder access to internal- and external-facing facilities. Simultaneously, it allows users to self-screen in under 45 seconds, via an encrypted system that ensures privacy and data security and share their health status throughout the day by displaying their universally accepted QR code to gain access to public spaces like restaurants, schools, theaters, sports stadiums, concert halls and more.

HealthCheck’s QR-code-supported system features three interfaces: Passport, Guard and Control.

  • Passport – specifically designed for the private citizen/consumer for use as a self-screening app and universal ticket to gain access to public places; this unique vantage point shares the time and date stamp of the last HealthCheck and provides a proximity check based on one’s current location, incorporating relevant state / geographical / location guidelines
  • Guard – utilized by a designated internal company stakeholder to scan and monitor HealthCheck Passport results in order to allow or deny private citizens access to public spaces
  • Control – a dashboard that aggregates and anonymizes data results, allowing companies to determine potential organizational health risk and meet contact tracing regulation

Following strict data privacy laws including GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act, HealthCheck serves as an additional checkpoint without tracking or storing individual data via GPS and BlueTooth. Its intuitive system enlists users to partake in a self-health-assessment, where they answer a series of health-based (COVID-19) questions and temperature checks throughout the day. Real-time results are encrypted and provided to the individual with recommendations based on their answers; outcomes include:

  • Pass  – Clear in temperature and symptoms; Free to attend work and public spaces as usual
  • Warn – Consult your physician or employer
  • Alert – You are displaying COVID-19 symptoms and could put others at risk / please contact a health provider immediately

“The onus is on individuals and businesses to take appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others,” says Stratum Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Trimberger. “We know based on our previous efforts, that companies and individuals want to implement these safety measures. We’ve taken that one step further by providing a universal health passport to make partaking in these measures easier than ever. This technology allows consumers to safely move through their day  – from home to work to all life’s touchpoints – while making screening easy for businesses to adopt and implement across the board.”

HealthCheck by Stratum launched in May 2020, and currently is used in over 5,000 businesses, reaching 3MM+ HealthChecks in the last 90 days. Among businesses that are utilizing HealthCheck include leading Real Estate organizations, top school districts, business manufacturers and more.

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