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Friday, October 22, 2021


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OWN Your Health and Hologic’s Project Health Equality Collaborate to Produce Culturally Competent Health Information, Research and Care Pathways to Serve the Unique Needs of Black Women

This partnership is a part of Hologic’s Project Health Equality (PHE) – launched in May 2021 – that uniquely addresses the structural and cultural barriers in the health care system that prevent Black and Hispanic women from receiving the same quality of care as white women by conducting research, investing in public awareness and education efforts, and providing access to care by donating grants and equipment to health centers across the county.

New SuperSonic MACH 20 Ultrasound System Is Designed to Optimize Costs While Improving Outcomes

Each of the systems is designed to increase efficiency and diagnostic accuracy, features exceptional image quality and innovative imaging modes, and offers an intuitive user experience.

Unifi Analytics Platform Advancement Enable Users to Better Understand and improve Daily Mamogaphy Workflow

Unifi Analytics 1.2 enables users to better understand and improve daily mammography workflow by providing valuable insights regarding volume and time spent on screening, diagnostic, and biopsy studies.

Innovative Updates to the Brevera® Breast Biopsy System with CorLumina® Imaging Technology Are Introduced by Hologic

Since its launch in 2017, the Brevera system has shifted the way clinicians perform breast biopsies and verify that the targeted tissue samples have been acquired. The system streamlines the entire biopsy process from start to finish - with real-time imaging for verification of sample acquisition and automated post-biopsy specimen handling.

RadNet and Hologic Announce Collaboration to Advance the Development of Artificial Intelligence Tools in Breast Health

As part of its collaboration with Hologic, RadNet intends to upgrade its entire fleet of Hologic mammography systems to feature Hologic’s 3DQuorum™ imaging technology, powered by Genius AI™.

Hologic Launches its First Cart-Based Ultrasound System, SuperSonic™ MACH 40

SuperSonic MACH 40 system leverages exclusive UltraFast™ imaging technology, inspired by cutting-edge graphics innovations from the video gaming industry, to provide greater frame rates of up to 20,000 images per second.

New Scalable Options for Panther System Launches in the US and Europe

Company reports these new optional configurations, which represent Hologic’s next generation of molecular diagnostics innovation, will allow laboratories to scale their instrumentation to meet testing demands in both their current workflow and their future growth plans.

Hologic’s Cynosure Division Launches New Products

The TempSure Firm handpiece is the latest addition to the TempSure platform. It delivers monopolar radiofrequency energy through unique massage heads to gently heat tissue and temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. The new 60 mm handpiece allows practitioners to treat larger areas of the body at a faster rate, without surgery or downtime.

4/25/19: Trident HD Specimen Radiography System by Hologic Inc. Now Commercially Available in the United States

Speaking on the Trident HD Specimen Radiography System Pete Valenti, Hologic's Division President said, “The Trident HD system is a breakthrough solution that delivers the superior image quality clinicians have come to expect from Hologic products, helping to streamline workflows and reduce recalls while decreasing procedure times."

LOCalizer Wireless Breast Lesion Localization System Receives CE Mark

2/27/19: LOCalizer Wireless Breast Lesion Localization System is designed for precise and easy marking and targeting of lesions for breast-conserving surgery guidance.

FDA Approval of ThinPrep® Integrated Imager Expands Automated Imaging for Pap Testing to More Labs

4/25/18: "Approval of the ThinPrep Integrated Imager brings the benefits of ThinPrep automated Pap imaging to small- and mid-sized laboratories in the United States, and of course to their patients," said Tom West, president, Diagnostic Solutions division at Hologic.

Women Treated with Hologic’s NovaSure® Endometrial Ablation System in New Study Reported Higher Amenorrhea Rates than Those Treated with Minerva

4/20/18: NovaSure patients in study also used fewer pads and tampons, reported better menstrual-related quality of life and alleviation of PMS symptoms as compared to Minerva patients.

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