Compass Health Celebrates Virtual Building Communities of Hope Gala by Honoring Client Stories on World Mental Health Day

Compass Health, President and CEO Tom Sebastian said, “Every year, Compass Health serves 6,300 children and families across Northwest Washington. In 2020 – as families grapple with medical, educational, economic and social challenges – we know that our mental health and substance use support services are more important than ever."

Canopy Children’s Solutions Partners with Baptist Memorial Health Care to “Illuminate Hope” on World Mental Health Day

“We are in a significant mental health moment and it is critical to be resilient and focused on hope so we may maintain the momentum to move forward,” said Canopy Children’s Solutions CEO John D. Damon, Ph.D.

Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center 1st Hospital in Palm Beach County to Use New Impella 5.5 Technology to Enable Better Heart Recovery for Heart...

Cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Nishant Patel, is the first surgeon at the hospital to use the device for a procedure.  

Northwell Health Staff Receives One in a Million Award: In Recognition of the Care They Provided During NY COVID-19 Pandemic

At Northwell, our tireless and dedicated staff treated more than 77,000 people when New York was the COVID-19 epicenter. They worked through and beyond exhaustion to care for people in need,” said Michael Dowling, Northwell Health President and CEO.

Dr. Dror Paley is the First Surgeon in the World to Perform a New Limb Lengthening Procedure with the PRECICE™ Plate Implant at St....

Dr. Dror Paley is a co-developer of The PRECICE™ Plate technology, which is designed for complex limb reconstruction, including procedures to treat limb-lengthening discrepancies resulting from congenital abnormalities, major fractures of the legs and arms, and shortened bones due to cancer or other diseases.

NYU Langone Health: Telemedicine “Blueprint” Introduced to Assess/Triage Covid-19 Patients

The spectrum of symptoms in persons infected with Covid-19 range from asymptomatic to severe and life-threatening; the more benign manifestations are often able to be managed from home. A new report, titled "A Telemedicine Approach to Covid-19 Assessment and Triage," published on September 10, 2020, in Medicina, a peer-reviewed scientific and medical journal, outlines protocols for assessing various patient symptoms through virtual means.

Minimally Invasive Ellipsys Vascular Access System Allows Kidney Patients to Begin Dialysis Sooner with Fewer Interventions

Ellipsys Vascular Access System reduces the time before patients with kidney failure can start lifesaving dialysis treatments, while requiring fewer secondary procedures, according to a new study led by interventional radiologist Jeffrey Hull, M.D., of Richmond Vascular Center.

Good Samaritan Medical Center Delray, Florida Announces Prostate Biopsy Treatment Option with MRI Precision Targeting

Good Samaritan Medical notes it adjusts in six directions for precision targeting and works with DynaCAD prostate to provide less invasive, targeted guidance.