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HyperMed Imaging Announces Cardiology Group as Early Adopter For Its New HyperView Product

HyperMed Imaging, Inc. announced today that Mid-South Heart Center, PC in Jackson, TN is the first interventional cardiology facility in the United States to acquire the newly available HyperView™ Imaging System.

Per the company, the HyperView System is FDA cleared, and it represents a new standard of performance when assessing tissue oxygenation and perfusion in patients with potential circulatory compromise. The HyperView is a fast, handheld, battery operated, non-invasive and portable diagnostic imaging device that is used to assess tissue oxygenation without contacting the patient and without the need for injectable contrast. The system uses proprietary technology to capture colorcoded images containing data that provides the clinician critical information such as oxyhemoglobin levels (Oxy), deoxyhemoglobin levels (Deoxy) and oxygen saturation (O2Sat) in superficial tissue. Such information may assist clinicians when determining if a patient has adequate blood perfusion to heal a wound or maintain healthy tissue. Understanding both arterial and venous sufficiency in the surface tissue may enable clinicians to make more informed decisions regarding when to intervene. The HyperView system also helps document perfusion levels before and after vascular interventional procedures such as: peripheral bypass, stent placement, or balloon angioplasty.

Dr. Tommy Miller and Dr. Louis Cunningham at the Mid-South Heart Center commented, “As interventional cardiologist we often treat patients suffering from complications of peripheral vascular disease. For example, diabetic foot ulcer patients that need increased blood perfusion to heal a wound or patients suffering from leg pain as a result of arterial occlusions or venous insufficiency. We evaluated the HyperView product and found significant value in documenting tissue perfusion levels before and after interventional procedures. HyperView enables new insight by providing an image and quantitative data to document changes in micro-vascular performance in the tissue capillary bed after a vascular interventional procedure. While angiograms can provide confirmation of success in large vessel intervention, it cannot image the micro-vascular response to the procedure and that is a key factor in understanding if the procedure will ultimately be successful.”

HyperMed’s President and CEO Mark Darty stated, “Mid-South Heart Center shares HyperMed’s passion to use the best available technology and to strive for better patient outcomes. We appreciate the insight they provided our team during product evaluation and are pleased with their decision to adopt the product in their clinical practice. This is an example of the strong interest we have seen for the new HyperView system by clinicians performing interventional vascular procedures. HyperView provides new and useful information that fills a gap in current diagnostic devices. By providing information on arterial and venous sufficiency in the surface tissue, HyperView helps confirm success of procedures meant to increase perfusion.”

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