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HZO Reports Launch of Next-Generation Innovation in Nano Coating Equipment, Delivering Total Waterproofing Protection

HZO Inc. announced the HZO PRO800-PL. The new coating equipment series features the largest coating chamber in the industry supporting higher throughput and low-cost operations for OEMs seeking splash and spill protection for their electronics.

The HZO PRO800-PL expertly applies nano-coating materials with speed, accuracy, and precision. The equipment combines a blend of gases and liquids to deposit conformal, dense, uniform, and pinhole-free layers of thin-film protection, providing a higher level of liquid protection. The new series is specifically designed to meet the tighter tolerances and uniformity requirements found in consumer, IoT, industrial, medical device, and automotive electronics. The internet-enabled PRO800-PL features a proprietary state-of-the-art controller to remotely monitor and control critical factors, including temperature, pressure, and other essential operating parameters – all in real-time.

“The HZO PRO800-PL delivers a variety of hydrophobic coatings allowing OEMs, ODMs, and contract manufacturers to meet IP68 requirements,” said Zsolt Pulai, Executive VP of Technology & Engineering for HZO. “This optimized process deposits films that are highly interlaced and nanometers thin, enabling greater corrosion and chemical resistance at a price point that rivals lesser alternatives.”

The HZO PRO800-PL features include:

  • The industry’s largest and most efficient coating chamber, providing greater flexibility, higher yields, and lower cost operations.
  • Extended coating capabilities that support diverse chemistries for solutions that are highly dense, liquid-resistant, and reworkable.
  • State-of-the-art real-time monitoring to guarantee quality and consistency.

The PRO800-PL series is another great example of HZO’s leadership in thin-film protective solutions. More here.

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