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Ibex Medical Announced Deployment of the Ibex Second Read™ System for Breast

Ibex Second Read is the first-ever system that detects and grades cancer in breast biopsies. The system uses an artificial intelligence (AI) powered algorithm to analyze cases in parallel to pathologists and compares between the pathologists’ diagnoses and the algorithm’s findings, subsequently alerting in case of discrepancies with high clinical importance (e.g. a missed cancer). Now used in routine clinical practice, this clinical-grade product enhances the quality control process in the lab and provides a safety net, resulting in decreased diagnostic error rates and a more efficient workflow.

The algorithm used by the Second Read system was developed by Ibex using advanced machine learning techniques and trained on data sets from Maccabi’s pathology institute. The institute was the first pathology lab in the world to implement an AI-powered cancer diagnostic system in its routine practice – the Ibex Second Read system for prostate – which is now deployed in pathology labs worldwide with demonstrated success in detecting missed cancer cases.

“We are proud to roll out a first of a kind product that improves the diagnosis of breast cancer – the most common cancer in women with over 2 million new cases globally each year. The Second Read for breast is a landmark achievement for our team of pathologists, computer scientists, and AI specialists and for our partnership with Maccabi Healthcare Services, enabling us to extend the reach of our product suite. The future looks brighter than ever for Ibex, with a growing interest from pathology labs in our products and new tissue types we expect to introduce during 2020” said Joseph Mossel, Ibex Medical Analytics’ Co-Founder, and CEO.

“We are excited to use the Second Read system for breast cancer detection in our routine practice following a successful research and partnership with Ibex, led by the KSM Research and Innovation Institute. At Maccabi Healthcare Services we are constantly looking for new technologies that can make a real impact on patient care. We believe that adding a security layer to our pathology reporting will improve accuracy levels of our cancer diagnosis, as already proven by the Second Read’s prostate module that we have been using in the past 18 months,” said Prof. Varda Shalev, Managing Director of the Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi Research and Innovation Institute at Maccabi Healthcare Services.

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