Idiag M360
Idiag M360 mit optimierter G7 Software Plattform im neuen Look. Die neu entwickelten Algorithmen «Idiag Spine Check» und «Idiag Spine Score» erlauben die schnelle und transparente Auswertung des Behandlungserfolges. (Medical Device News Magazine).

The relaunch of Idiag coincides with the introduction of the next generation of the spinal diagnosis application Idiag M360 for examining the spine without the use of radiation. It is amazingly simple to use, with direct 3D visualisation of the spine and the characterisation of its condition by means of the “Idiag Spine Check” and “Idiag Spine Score”.

The latest generation of the software compares individually recorded patient data about geometry, stability and mobility with a pool of data from nonsymptomatic individuals. The expert system supports the therapist in planning treatment and training. The newly introduced automatic “Idiag Spine Score” makes the assessment quicker and easier to understand by the patient.  The analysis can be repeated on an ongoing basis in order to make the success of the treatment transparent and tangible for the patient and the therapist.

At the launch of the Idiag M360, Idiag CEO Kurt Glaus explained: “The new software platform provides even better support for the therapist in demonstrating to patients their treatment progress in a clear and transparent way. This motivates patients to pursue their therapy more intensively and to optimise the success of the treatment”.

Idiag’s mission is to effectively and sustainably improve people’s health, quality of life and functional status. To this end, the Swiss company, which is located in Fehraltorf, collaborates with ETH Zürich and other leading universities.

Idiag is endorsed by Olympic downhill skiing champion Dominique Gisin, who was an early adopter of Idiag products for respiratory muscle training. The relaunch was carried out in conjunction with internationally renowned branding agency Martin et Karczinski.