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To help address a serious complication associated with colorectal, gastric and thoracic surgery, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies* announced today that Ethicon** has launched the industry’s first powered circular stapler. The ECHELON CIRCULAR Powered Stapler reduces leaks by 61% at the staple line compared to Medtronic’s DST SeriesEEA Stapler.1

The new ECHELON CIRCULAR Powered Stapler combines two innovative Ethicon technologies — 3D Stapling Technology that evenly distributes compression2 and Gripping Surface Technology (GST), which provides gentler handling to reduce compressive forces on tissues.3  Together these technologies significantly reduce leaks at the staple line without compromising perfusion,4 which includes the passage of fluid through the blood stream or lymphatic system.

Anastomosis is a procedure where surgeons reconnect healthy tissue after a diseased area is removed. For example, in colorectal surgery, when part of an intestine is taken out during surgery, the remaining two ends are surgically reattached with sutures or staples. If not attached securely, an anastomotic leak can occur, which can lead to increased length of hospital stay, increased healthcare costs, and/or death.5,6

“The ECHELON CIRCULAR Powered Stapler gives me the confidence that I can create a secure and more reproducible anastomosis,” said Ron Landmann, MD, FASCRS, Section Chief of Colon and Rectal Surgery at Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center, Jacksonville, Florida.*** “The new 3D technology and Gripping Surface Technology allows for the creation of air-tight and fluid-tight anastomoses that can help reduce the risk of complications from leaks which can have a significant impact on patient outcomes.”

The ECHELON CIRCULAR’s one-finger push button firing reduces force to fire by 97 percent7 and delivers 37 percent less movement at the distal tip for increased stability.8 By significantly reducing force to fire7 and increasing stability8, the advanced stapling device standardizes performance and helps minimize variation in usage, which may lead to improved outcomes.

“Ethicon looks at the entire surgical experience for opportunities to enhance patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and reduce cost to healthcare systems. We then bring together our latest science, technology, and evidence to create surgical solutions like ECHELON CIRCULAR Powered Stapler,” said Tom O’Brien, Worldwide President Endomechanical, Ethicon, Inc. “We are relentless in our pursuit of surgical solutions to the most complex and challenging surgical problems and focus on delivering those solutions that deliver the best outcomes in real world clinical settings.”


* The Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies comprise the surgery, orthopaedics, vision and interventional solutions businesses within Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Devices segment.

** Ethicon represents the products and services of Ethicon, Inc., Ethicon Endo-Surgery, LLC and certain of their affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

*** Dr. Landmann is a paid consultant for Ethicon.

Benchtop testing in porcine tissue ≤30mmHg (26mmHg average pressure experienced during intra-operative leak test), comparing Ethicon CDH29P to Medtronic EEA2835 (p<0.001).

Staple line analysis in benchtop testing, comparing Ethicon CDH25P to Medtronic EEA2535.

Benchtop testing on porcine colon, comparing Ethicon CDH29P to Medtronic EEA2835, p<0.001.

Benchtop testing in porcine tissue ≤30mmHg (26mmHg average pressure experienced during intra-operative leak test), comparing Ethicon CDH29P to Medtronic EEA2835 (p<0.001) and preclinical perfusion model, in which perfusion was not significantly different between devices.

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Benchtop testing, comparing Ethicon CDH29P to Medtronic EEA2835, p=0.001

Users firing a porcine model, comparing Ethicon CDH29P to Medtronic EEA2835, p=0.003