Intellijoint Surgical Inc. Receives FDA Clearance for Revision THA with intellijoint HIP®

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The revision indication provides surgeons with the ability to evaluate existing THA components to inform intra-operative decision making. The possibility to leave existing components in place can greatly reduce risk to the patient and can contain cost for the hospital.  Other image based technologies are not suitable for revision THA as existing components create distortion to pre-operative images, making them unusable for critical patient registration.

Dr. Wayne Paprosky, Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and a member of Intellijoint’s scientific medical advisory board comments: “intellijoint HIP for revision gives me accurate positioning information about the existing cup. I can then determine which acetabular components need to be removed due to the component being malpositioned.” He further explained, “I can document the position to defend why I removed or retained the component. When I am able to leave the cup in place, particularly in high risk patients, the risk of complication is greatly reduced and the procedure is significantly shortened.”

intellijoint HIP is available for Anterior, Posterior and Lateral approaches and can be used on primary and now revision THA. This milestone supports Intellijoint Surgical’s mission of making intellijoint HIP accessible to every surgeon and every patient.

“Our core technology is well suited for revision surgery as it provides accurate intra-operative information without relying on pre-operative x-rays or imaging of any kind,” added Intellijoint Surgical CEO Armen Bakirtzian. “Image-based robotics and navigation systems rely heavily on pre-operative imaging, which could result in significant inaccuracies due to image distortion by metal from the existing components”.