Olympus is enhancing the capabilities of its Knowledge Exchange System (KE) offering through the implementation of InterSystems HealthShare®. Users of the KE HL7 module will now be able to share images taken during endoscopy procedures across healthcare systems with the click of a mouse, improving care coordination and quality control across the healthcare ecosystem.

Olympus reports KE is a next generation software platform offering facilities centralized reprocessing record and image management through expanded connectivity of Olympus devices. Previously, when images were taken during endoscopy procedures, physicians would need to download the files to an external device to be shared with the patient and other providers. By leveraging HealthShare, physicians are now able to seamlessly connect to a facility’s electronic medical record (EMR) and PACS systems to store and share imaging files.

Kurt Heine, Group Vice President of the Endoscopy Division at Olympus America Inc.  states, “Hospitals have invested millions of dollars in the implementation of EMRs. But, they still haven’t realized the full value of the systems, particularly when it comes to sharing information across disparate sources.”  Heine added, “With the addition of HealthShare, Olympus KE eliminates a major barrier to data integration, allowing physicians to provide better care to patients by accessing a more complete health record.”

Removing the need to have physical media to share patient health data saves time and gives physicians access to the full patient picture sooner. When integrated with HealthShare, Olympus KE simplifies the process of sharing data, and improves the quality of patient care. There are also fewer patient privacy concerns, as the information is contained in the data archive and is not physically transported through the healthcare facility.

Don Woodlock, vice president of HealthShare, InterSystems notes, “We’re entering the ‘Golden Age of Interoperability,’ where the solutions offered by technology providers such as Olympus and InterSystems allow hospitals to take full advantage of the promise of information sharing.”  He concluded, “Together, both organizations are bringing next-generation care delivery to the forefront.”