Intrinsic Imaging Awarded New Clinical Study to Evaluate Innovative Tumor Imaging Platform

Intrinsic Imaging, a full-service medical imaging core lab providing comprehensive services in support of clinical trials and medical device trials, announces today the award of a Phase II Clinical Trial to evaluate the ability of a novel imaging platform that assists physicians in distinguishing various malignant tissue types from non-malignant tissue.

Intrinsic Imaging has extensive experience in imaging for medical device development. This trial allows the company to utilize this strength to support development of novel imaging platforms in oncology. Intrinsic Imaging is leading the integration of novel methodologies in evaluating new medical imaging technologies for numerous oncology specific medical devices as well as drug product trials where applicable.

Throughout this trial, Intrinsic Imaging will provide comprehensive imaging core lab services including, but not limited to, study management, protocol and charter development, site qualification, site training and management, image transfer, quality control and processing. With its portfolio of five ISO certifications, Intrinsic Imaging has the most comprehensive and sophisticated quality management system in the industry.

Todd Joron, President and COO at Intrinsic Imaging: “Intrinsic Imaging is an industry leader in conducting medical device imaging trials.”  He went on to say, “We are extremely pleased to be a critical partner in this medical device trial and help bring this innovative product closer to market.”

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