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Saturday, October 23, 2021


HomeivWatch LLC5/7/19: IvWatch Announces Expansion into Canada with Distributor Roxon
HomeivWatch LLC5/7/19: IvWatch Announces Expansion into Canada with Distributor Roxon

5/7/19: IvWatch Announces Expansion into Canada with Distributor Roxon

IvWatch has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Roxon medi-tech, a distributor of specialized medical equipment based in Montreal, Quebec. The agreement includes the rights to distribute the ivWatch Model 400, the only device to receive clearance, globally, to offer early detection of infiltrations/extravasations, in the Canadian market.

ivWatch. RoxonIvWatch is a provider of biosensor technology focused on improving patient safety and the effectiveness of intravenous therapy.

“Many health systems and children’s hospitals in Canada have recognized peripheral IV infiltration as a serious safety event,” said Scott Hensley, executive vice president of sales and business development at ivWatch. “Providing access to ivWatch technology in collaboration with Roxon strengthens our international reach, which continues to be a core priority for the company.”

Every infiltration is a medication dosing and delivery error that can impact the patient through prolonged hospital stays, temporary harm or permanent injuries. The team at Roxon intends to leverage their long-standing industry networks to educate on the prevalence of IV failures and the importance of surveillance monitoring to improve patient safety.

“We’re ready to expand on the market excitement as we usher the ivWatch breakthrough technology movement to our large network of Canadian clinicians,” said Roxon President Michael Solomita. “Our deep market expertise combined with adding this innovative product to our portfolio complements our mission of providing the safest medical devices with the highest industry standards to patients throughout the country.”

ivWatch has previously announced the issuance of a medical device license (MDL) by Health Canada permitting the company to sell the ivWatch Model 400 to Canadian health care organizations, as well as achieving ISO 13485 Certification, the global standard for medical device quality management systems (QMS) developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO®).

“With more than a billion IV catheters sold globally every year, the drug delivery errors caused by IV infiltration and extravasation urgently needs to be addressed,” said Gary Warren, president and CEO of ivWatch. “Delivering ivWatch technology to health care systems outside the U.S. that are actively looking for a solution is crucial for addressing this huge unmet need in vascular access. Working with our distribution partners, we can reach more patients and assist institutions worldwide with keeping patients safe from preventable harm.”


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