joimax®, the German based market leader of technologies and training methods for endoscopic minimally invasive spinal surgery, presents its newest combined 4K resolution camera and LED light source system, Camsource® LED, and its fully integrated documentation and command system, Vitegra® Docu and Command. Both systems are introduced for the first time at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons, currently taking place in New Orleans, LA, where joimax® is represented at booth no. 4020.

The company reports the Vitegra® Docu and Command system opens a new era of documentation, control and hospital integration. The device comes with numerous flexible control options including a wireless tablet PC, live video streaming and a live voice commenting option, in-surgery image and video review function, voice control capabilities and easy data export solutions. The Vitegra® offers with its command mode to control all other devices that are part of the joimax® endoscopic tower. An optimized monitoring of the endoscopic devices during the surgical procedures by live review and control of all important device parameters is also provided. An initial, limited market launch is planned for Q2/2018 within European and U.S. markets.

“Our new 4K LED Visualization Systems are the next important components of our steadily growing endoscopic product portfolio. These developments demonstrate our continued leading position in the fast-growing endoscopic spine surgery market worldwide,” states Wolfgang Ries, Founder and CEO of joimax®.