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JOURNEY II Medial Dished System for Total Knee Arthroplasty Updated from Smith+Nephew

1st Procedure Performed at NYU Langone Health

JOURNEY II Medial Dished System for total knee arthroplasty was performed by Dr. Ran Schwarzkopf, Orthopedic Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction at NYU Langone Health.

JOURNEY II Medial Dished System for total knee arthroplasty further completes the JOURNEY II portfolio by offering a tibial insert that can provide more normal kinematics, or motion, in both cruciate-retaining and cruciate-sacrificing procedures.1-5*

Recent total knee implants are designed to try and better replicate this motion found in a healthy knee which has been shown to improve both patient satisfaction and performance. However, only Smith+Nephew’s JOURNEY II TKA System has been shown to restore anatomical shape, position and motion.2-6 This anatomical design has led to a smoother recovery, improved function and higher patient satisfaction.5-12,**

Dr. Schwarzkopf commented, “Adding a medial dished component to the JOURNEY II for total knee arthroplasty portfolio is a significant development and expands the options I’m able to offer my patients. It allows me to optimize the kinematics for my patient’s while also providing good stability in either a cruciate-retaining or cruciate-sacrificing total knee replacement procedure.”

JOURNEY II MD is designed with a more constraining medial side, compared to a standard tibial insert, to promote more normal kinematics and provide additional stability if the PCL has been resected or is not in good condition.1-5* Over the last few years, the concept of a tibial insert that helps drive better knee kinematics has been rapidly growing and JOURNEY II has led in this space. The Medial Dished insert is the next step of innovation allowing Smith+Nephew to offer a unique solution in this space.

“We are very excited about the launch JOURNEY II Medial Dished,” said Randy Kilburn, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Orthopaedic Reconstruction, Robotics and Digital for Smith+Nephew. “Our customers have expressed an interest in medial dished inserts and we are pleased to provide new treatment options that expand the clinical indications of the already successful JOURNEY II Knee System”.

Smith+Nephew’s JOURNEY II Medial Dished is now available in the United States for total knee replacement.


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