KARL STORZ C-MAC Premium Pocket Monitor System Among Hot Products Chosen at 2017 JEMS/EMS Today Conference

KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc., (endoscopy and operating room integration solutions), announced today that its C-MAC® Premium Pocket Monitor was selected as one of this year’s Top 30 Hot Products for 2017. The 30 Hot Products for this year were announced at the JEMS/EMS Today Conference & Exposition, held February 23-25 in Salt Lake City. This year, the EMS Today Hot Products review team reviewed and rated 58 products submitted by 52 companies. The selection of the final 30 Hot Products appeared in the June issue of JEMS.

The C-MAC® Premium Pocket Monitor is a highly portable rescue device, well suited for the rigorous demands of the pre-hospital setting. Its 3.5-in LCD monitor fits directly on all reusable and single use C-MAC® Video Laryngoscope blades and functions in direct sunlight. The Pocket Monitor records images and video on its internal memory and data can only be extracted via a proprietary data cable. The ergonomic screen can be moved in several directions and folded away for transportation, and the rechargeable battery can be exchanged and replaced. It is fully immersible to satisfy high-level disinfection requirements for out of the hospital space.

“We are pleased to have been selected once again by JEMS/EMS to be recognized for product innovation,” said Michael Lyman, Director, Sales & Marketing, Airway Management, Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine, KARL STORZ. “The C-MAC Premium product platform continues to offer new solutions for state-of-the-art airway management. C-MAC Premium Pocket Monitor represents a definitive response to the need for versatility and exceptional performance in emergency medicine settings.”

In selecting this year’s Hot Products, a team of eight judges, consisting of emergency medical services (EMS) product specialists, physicians, educators, managers and paramedics, reviewed a host of product contenders—from vehicles to equipment to mobile apps to training aids. Each product was released within the 12 months immediately preceding the EMS Today Conference & Exposition.

According to organizers, each judge reviewed products designed to not only improve the ability to deliver optimal emergency medical care to sick and injured patients, but also allow EMS agencies to do it safely, more efficiently and with enhanced comfort for the patient. Each product was rated on a 1–10 scale in four distinct categories: 1) Originality; 2) Functionality; 3) Ease of use; and 4) Need in the EMS setting.


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