KDB GLIDE Device for Advanced Excisional Goniotomy Treatment of Glaucome: Now Commercially Available Across the U.S. to Ophthalmic Surgeons

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February 17, 2021

KDB GLIDE, a device for advanced excisional goniotomy treatment of glaucoma, was registered with the FDA in October 2020. 

“At New World Medical, we are thrilled to offer surgeons the new KDB GLIDE. The Kahook Dual Blade made goniotomy markedly easier, and now feedback from surgeons who use it every day has guided the development of this smooth, elegant and precise next-generation device,” said Raymond Kong, Chief Commercial Officer at New World Medical. “Surgeons appreciate the enhanced experience, but glaucoma patients are the ultimate recipients of KDB GLIDE’s improvements that allow their surgeons better options for treating their condition.”

Excisional goniotomy is a long-established procedure in which a segment of the diseased trabecular meshwork is removed, which facilitates the flow of aqueous into collector channels of the eye, thus alleviating intraocular pressure. Because goniotomy is appropriate for mild, moderate and severe glaucoma, as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with cataract surgery, more than 4.5 million glaucoma1 patients in the U.S. alone are suitable candidates.

The exceptionally successful Kahook Dual Blade family of devices has set a gold standard as accurate, cost-effective solutions for excisional goniotomy. The device’s proprietary ramp facilitates lifting and stretching the trabecular meshwork, while the dual blades penetrate the trabecular meshwork and create parallel incisions for precise, controlled excision. New features in the KDB GLIDE device reinforce these important strengths: a rounded heel, tapered sides, and smaller footplate deliver optimal interface with the canal of Schlemm, permitting precise excision with the instrument’s proprietary dual blades, even in variable anatomy.

“The advantage of the Kahook Dual Blade always has been that it treats pathways of resistance as it smoothly cleaves two areas of the trabecular meshwork, creating a clean strip that minimizes fibrosis and closure over time,” said Nathan Radcliffe, MD, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, New York. “The KDB GLIDE’s foot plate is uniquely designed to fit into the canal of Schlemm, so it can move even more easily through the canal without causing damage, for a graceful and uncomplicated procedure.”

Blake Williamson, MD, Williamson Eye Center, Baton Rouge, added, “Some studies have shown that the Schlemm canal undergoes morphological changes as people age, including narrowing.2 I’m excited to use the KDB GLIDE because its tapered sides and smaller footplate will enable us to smoothly move the device through the canal and remove tissue cleanly, even in cases where the anatomy is narrow or irregular.”



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