Kinpo Electronics Inc. Acquired EU Medical Certificate for Wearable ECG Monitor: BC1 Patch

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HERTEST is a blood test that looks for a protein called human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER2), which is shed into the blood stream of patients with growing breast cancer tumors.

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ESPRIT CAM: New computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) technology has been introduced by ESPRIT CAM, part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division that provides manufacturers with the control and flexibility needed to use multi-spindle and multi-channel computer-numerical-control (CNC) machinery for the machining of long parts.

CE MDD grants XYZlife BC1 – the wearable ECG device, to launch in Europe as medical products.

Globally, CVD is the number 1 cause of death; which represents 30% of global death. Kinpo Electronics Inc. provisioned future burden caused to people.  Kinpo Electronics Inc. has developed a solution for CVD prevention. Today they announced acquirement of medical CE MDD certificate for its in-house developed wearable ECG monitor, BC1 Patch. CE MDD (Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC) certification allows BC1 to be marketed directly to consumers within the European Union, and Kinpo Electronics Inc. will start marketing in major European territories by Q3 2017, under its own brand, XYZlife.


Simon Shen, CEO of Kinpo Electronics Inc.,  said, “I am so proud of the medical team! It is indeed a great leap and encouragement that the vision of future medical field, especially telemedicine which will benefit the world to solve aging problems.  He continued, “We truly believe one of the most important parts for future healthcare is telemedicine. Along with mobile network enhancement, we will be able to collect and monitor patients’ status on real-time basis.”

The company describes the BC1 Patch as an innovative wearable ECG monitor which provides long term & real-time monitoring, historical observation and dedicated reports for medical professionals and users. A unique calling function can  immediately contact doctors, family or a close friend when irregular signs are detected. It also helps individuals and doctors, from pre-screening potential cardiac symptoms to efficient treatment and outpatient medical care.



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