Largest Real-Time Cardiac Monitoring Program Rolled Out in Florida

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Real-Time Cardiac Monitoring Program

Coala Life, the award-winning Swedish innovator of real-time remote cardiac monitoring solutions and the Florida-based My Cardiologist group have partnered to roll-out the most comprehensive cardiac RPM program to date using the Coala Heart Monitor in Florida.

The RPM program will include patients in need of longer-term cardiac monitoring in their daily lives using the Coala Heart Monitor for real-time analysis. The program is launched in-line with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) new telehealth initiatives.

“This RPM program is unique and clinically powerful as it enables remote monitoring in real time. Coala’s solution supports our telemedicine strategy and enables efficient virtual diagnostics. We will have the ability to remotely follow thousands of patients in Southern Florida using Coala Heart Monitors,” says Qasim Ahmad, Chief Administrative Officer of the My Cardiologist group.

My Cardiologist is one of the largest private cardiology providers in Florida with 23 cardiologists at five locations across South Florida. The practices were started in 1960 by Dr. Bernard Silverstein and the My Cardiologist group was formed in 2019 following the merger of South Miami Heart Specialists and South Miami Cardiology. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has quickly transformed cardiovascular medicine with shift from traditional hands-on care to remote hands-off telemedicine to keep patients and their medical staff safe.

Coala Life is a Sweden-headquartered medical device company marketing the first fully configurable, real-time solution enabling patient-empowered remote monitoring and analysis of heart and lungs. Coala’s Microsoft Azure-based platform enables physicians to remotely access data to optimize the management of patients.



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