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Launch of t:lock Connector for its Insulin Pump Cartridges and Infusion Sets Announced by Tandem Diabetes Care

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Tandem Diabetes Care®, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNDM), (a medical device company and manufacturer of the only touchscreen insulin pumps available in the United States), announced the launch of the t:lock™ Connector for its insulin pump cartridges and infusion sets. (All of the infusion sets currently offered by the Company will be made available with the new t:lock Connector, produced and supplied by Unomedical a/s, a ConvaTec Group Plc company).

The company describes the t:lock Connector as designed to look and feel like the previous Luer-lock connector, while improving the customer experience of filling an infusion set with insulin. The Connector incorporates a smaller inner cavity, which reduces the amount of insulin used in the process and reduces the time required to fill the infusion set tubing.

On the launch, Kim Blickenstaff, President and CEO of Tandem Diabetes Care notes, “This launch strengthens our overall insulin delivery systems, addressing one of our customers’ most frequent requests to make the infusion set fill process more efficient.”  He adds, “We continue to invest in ways to improve our products and deliver new technology, as part of our overall mission to provide innovative solutions to help improve the lives of people with diabetes.”

ConvaTech Infusion Devices (Unomedical) President, John M. Lindskog on their partnership with Tandem Dibetes Care:  “We are excited to further our current partnership with Tandem Diabetes Care with the implementation of their optimized t:lock Connector.”  “The available t:lock line of infusion sets offers a variety of solutions for their customers, and we look forward to working with Tandem to further expand their offerings in the future.”

Unomedical manufactures Tandem’s existing sets as well as many of the most popular private-labeled infusion sets of major insulin pump manufacturers under their respective brand names. The t:lock versions of Tandem’s current infusion sets will be sold under the brand names AutoSoft™, VariSoft™ and TruSteel™. Tandem will conduct a gradual rollout of its t:lock Connector to all customers and distributors beginning September 5, 2017 and anticipates fully transitioning by the end of 2017.

Editor’s Note:  The company notes no action is required by Tandem customers at this time. Tandem and its authorized distributors will work with customers to provide current Luer-lock versions of infusion sets and cartridges that are compatible with supplies they have on hand before transitioning to the t:lock Connector cartridges and infusion sets (while supplies last). Only t:lock Connector infusion sets will work with the new t:lock Connector cartridges. Infusion sets and cartridges featuring the t:lock Connector will have the same insurance coverage as current supplies.  For more information on the t:lock Connector go here.