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Leviticus Cardio & Jarvik Heart Unveil Wireless Heart Pump System – FIVAD

2/6/19: FIVAD is based on technology created by Leviticus Cardio, a medical technology company headquartered in Israel. It uses patented Coplanar Energy Transfer to wirelessly power a heart pump, a Ventricular Assist Device. FIVAD incorporates a heart pump produced by Jarvik Heart Inc.

Successful Completion of Third Chronic Animal Study Announces Leviticus Cardio

9/7/18: "The successful completion of this third long-term chronic trial utilizing the Jarvik 2000 LVAD pump coupled with the Leviticus wireless CET system, demonstrates the desired versatility that addresses an increasing patient population suffering from advanced heart failure. Besides the robustness and stability of the system, we are particularly excited about the excellent outcomes on chronic animal tissue interactions," states Professor Bart Meyns of [Catholic University].