Life Spine Announces First Cases Performed with Multiple Methods of In-situ Expansion

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Life Spine announced today the first cases performed with multiple methods of in-situ expansion.

Dr. Thomas Scully of Tucson, AZ highlights, “Surgical intervention for the degenerative spine is a multi-dimensional challenge and by utilizing two methods of expansion, Life Spine allowed for me to cater to my patient’s unique pathologies. At one level, my goal was to provide the patient with restoration of significant disc height and sagittal alignment, while minimizing the need for excessive boney decompression and multiple passes by important neural structures. After reviewing intra-operative images this was accomplished with Life Spine’s PROLIFT® Lordotic system.” “Adjacent level pathology and patient bone quality dictated increased endplate coverage for stability and the ability to post-pack graft material to increase the chance of fusion, so TiBOW™ was the best choice,” concluded Dr. Scully.

ProLift Expandable PLIF/TLIF Spacer System and TiBOW Expandable TLIF Spacer System highlight Life Spine’s Micro Invasive Expandable portfolio. ProLift and TiBOW feature OSSEO-LOC Surface Treatment Technology, which is a proprietary surface treatment that creates a unique osteophylic surface architecture for potential bone on-growth1.

Vice President of Marketing for Life Spine Mariusz Knap added, “It is very exciting to be part of an organization that is able to provide physicians with innovative surgical solutions to accommodate patient’s distinct and challenging pathologies, especially where bone quality and disc access can be compromised. Each patient is unique and their treatment should be as well.”

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