Life Spine Announces First Clinical Cases of PROLIFT® Post Pack Expandable TLIF/PLIF Spacer System

The first clinical cases of PROLIFT Post Pack Expandable Interbody System  was announced today by Life Spine, a medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for the surgical treatment of spinal disorder. The first clinical case was performed by Dr. Richard Weiner of Dallas, Texas and Dr. Bryan Barnes of Athens, Georgia.

PROLIFT Post Pack allows for in-situ disc height restoration, for minimally invasive PLIF, TLIF and oblique approaches, as well as a systematic method for the introduction of additional graft material in-situ within the device. PROLIFT Post Pack, which incorporates the proprietary surface technology OSSEO-LOC, provides the surgeon the ability to restore normal spinal pelvic parameters with the multiple lordotic options, while continuing to build upon the patented expandable technologies at Life Spine.

“Expandable technology, such as PROLIFT Post Pack, continues the innovation process for challenges associated with complex spine procedures, as well as providing the means to enhance patient outcomes. Restoration of normal spinal alignment, as well as lowering iatrogenic impact to the patient’s anatomy can all be achieved with the technology developed by Life Spine,” noted Richard L. Weiner M.D. of Dallas Neurosurgical and Spine at Texas Institute for Surgery.

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is one of the fastest growing segments in the spinal implant market. Trends and market research have noted that in 2011 MIS surgical solutions made up 20% of all surgical procedures, and that by the year 2021, this paradigm with have expanded to almost 80%1. Development of MIS technologies such as the ProLift, and complementary fixation systems such as the AVATAR® Percutaneous Screw System and CENTERLINE® Cortical Bone Fixation Systems allow Life Spine to provide surgeons the tools to support these important surgical procedure advancements and trends. In addition, the advancement of MIS access products like CENTRIC®-T Pedicle-Based Retractor System and CALYPSO® Midline Retractor System, enhance Life Spine’s goal of offering full MIS procedural solutions.

“One of the cornerstones for successful spinal fusion surgery is providing an environment to enhance the fusion process. Facilitating in-situ delivery of bone grafting material after placement increases the volume within and around the device required for a successful fusion,” noted Bryan B. Barnes, MD of the Georgia Neurological Surgery & Georgia Comprehensive Spine in Athens, Georgia.

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