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Monday, September 27, 2021
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Lumenis Launches MOSES™ HoLEP University to Help Urologists Master the Gold-Standard Laser Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

Peer-led global educational platform focuses on the use of award-winning MOSES laser technology.

Lumenis Launches Next-Generation MOSES™ 2.0 Holmium Laser Technology

The MOSES™ 2.0 Holmium Laser Technology, the next generation of the versatile, patented MOSES platform that is redefining urology care.

Lumenis Introduces Stellar M22™

This launch continues Lumenis' mission to improve the standard of care in the ever-growing, multi-billion-dollar energy-based skincare market.

Lumenis Marks Exciting Study Outcomes for its Breakthrough Surgical Intervention During Endometriosis Awareness Month

3/26/18: Co2 laser excision of endometrial cells reduces pain and recurrence while preserving fertility.

Lumenis Announces New Clinical Breakthroughs Using its Patent-Protected MOSES™ Technology

3/16/18: Reduction in Lithotripsy procedure time and benefits in BPH treatments

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