MacuLogix, Inc., the only company to equip eye care professionals with the instrument, tools and education needed to effectively diagnose and treat patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), has entered into an international distribution agreement with Optos plc, the leading medical retinal imaging company, part of Nikon Corporation, Japan. Effective immediately, Optos in Europe and Australia, will add the AdaptDx automated dark adaptometer to their existing portfolio of retina-focused medical devices, including the company’s exclusive ultra-widefield (UWF) retinal imaging products.

“Optos is one of the largest and most-respected suppliers of retina-focused medical devices in the world and MacuLogix is extremely honored to enter into this international partnership with them,” said William McPhee, President and CEO of MacuLogix. “By expanding our distribution network to include these eight countries, the AdaptDx will reach an additional 260 million people.  Partnering with the Optos team gets us one step closer to our company’s vision of eliminating blindness caused by AMD.”

AMD has been identified as the leading cause of adult blindness in developed countries because diagnosing AMD at the earliest stages has been a challenge. The AdaptDx is the first commercially available dark adaptometer that can be used in clinical practice to detect AMD at a subclinical stage, before structural changes in the retina like drusen become visible. Patients are often asymptomatic, have good corrected visual acuity, and their retina appears normal upon clinical evaluation. Thankfully, research has shown that functional assessment of dark adaptation using the AdaptDx can radically improve diagnostic sensitivity and specificity by detecting the disease with 90% accuracy at least three years before structural changes such as drusen are visible, enabling clinicians to intervene before irreversible vision loss occurs.

Robert Kennedy, CEO of Optos, commented, “There is a natural alignment between Optos and MacuLogix as we are both focused on developing innovative offerings to support eye care professionals to diagnose and manage retinal diseases. We are excited to distribute the AdaptDx in these key markets, further expanding our retina-focused offering for the ophthalmic market.”