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Making the World’s Smartest Toilet Even Smarter

The proprietary sensor arrays make the Medic.Lav the world’s most advanced smart toilet. It gathers different health metrics passively during each bathroom visit and uses AI to analyze samples and generate trends for its users, who can monitor their progress with a secure mobile app. Medic.Life has more than 60 patents and another 90 patents pending for the technology associated with the toilet.

“Millions are prediabetic, hypertensive, have a chronic disease or a virus–and they don’t even know it,” said Chad Adams, Medic.Life CEO and president. “Medic is looking for the best and brightest biotech partners to be part of what will be a commonplace way to passively prevent disease and other health problems.”

Early adopters of this technology will likely be clinics; retail outlets; senior care and assisted living centers; pharma and lab science facilities; and other health care providers.

“The Medic.Lav makes improving a person’s wellness easy, convenient and fit naturally into their daily routine,” added Adams.

Medic.Life is still interested in meeting with potential biotech partners or investors to demonstrate the feasibility and capability of the smart toilet for analyzing waste using the miniaturized technology housed within the device. These capabilities open doors for adapting existing applications in medicine, general wellness, clinical compliance as well as pharmaceutical research and development.

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