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Thursday, October 21, 2021



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Maxx Orthopedics Announces First International Surgeries of its Freedom® PCK Revision System

Maxx Orthopedics, Inc., announced today that the Freedom® PCK Revision System at the AAHKS 2017 Annual Meeting in Dallas this week.  The company made available the Freedom® PCK Revision System globally, with the first surgeries performed in India and several Gulf countries, including Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

The Freedom PCK Revision System combines the Freedom Stemmed Tibial components with the patent-pending PCK femoral components and constrained liners, to create one of the most bone conserving, versatile revision knee systems available on the market. Designed in collaboration with a global surgeon team, the PCK Revision System has been available for use in the United States since early 2016.

The company notes that the first case was performed by Dr. Hemant Wakankar at Max Elite Hospital in Chandigarh in India.  Dr. Wakankar said, “The design of the PCK is exceptional and its features are particularly well suited for my patients. I believe they will have better range of motion even after a revision surgery because of this unique progressive constraint system. “It gives me the opportunity to provide better results for my patients,” concluded Dr. Wakankar.

Dr. Carl Becker, a leading surgeon at Penn Medicine’s Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster, PA, is one of the key design surgeons for the PCK, and has traveled internationally for peer-to-peer discussions on the system.  “I have had the pleasure of working with Maxx’s global team to help design a revision implant which delivers significant benefits for the surgeon and patient. Furthermore, our instruments make the surgery intuitive, and I am excited that this solution is now being offered to my colleagues all over the world.”

“Our team is thrilled by the early clinical success of this system and we are excited to continue our global rollout. The PCK is a revision knee designed with the needs of today’s patients AND today’s economic realities in mind. It’s smart innovation, and this has become a hallmark for our company,” said Ashesh Shah, CEO of Maxx Orthopedics.

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