MED-EL USA Receives FDA Clearance for ADHEAR, a Revolutionary Non-Surgical Bone Conduction Hearing Solution

5/1/18: Innovative technology offers the first conductive hearing loss option that allows for a comfortable, pressure-free, all-day wearing experience.

MED-EL Announces Launch of ASM 2.0 Features for SONNET and SONNET EAS Audio Processors New Features Incorporate Microphone Directionality and Wind Noise Reduction

SONNET listeners benefits MED-EL USA announced today the availability of Automatic Sound Management (ASM) 2.0 features for the SONNET and SONNET EAS audio processors. ASM 2.0 actively adapts to changing listening environments, including background noise and wind, and...

MED-EL Launches Ideas 4 Ears Children’s Competition to Discover the Next Generation of Inventors of Hearing Technology

May 1, 2017 MED-EL USA, a leading provider and inventor of hearing implant systems, today announced a search for future inventions through a global children’s competition, Ideas 4 Ears. The competition, which kicks off a celebration of May’s Better...