Medacta International, the family-owned global leader in innovative joint replacement and spine surgery products, this morning kicks off the 1st M.O.R.E. Americas Symposium, held April 20-21, 2018 in Montreal. An expansion of Medacta’s M.O.R.E. International Symposium, which is held bi-yearly in Europe, this event will gather upwards of 150 surgeons from throughout the Americas and Europe to discuss controversies and complexities surrounding joint arthroplasty and the health economics of orthopedics in both the hospital and outpatient settings.

Medacta was built on the belief that continuous surgeon education and hands-on training can vastly improve the patient experience in orthopedics as well as overall healthcare sustainability,” said Matt Goudy, General Manager – Joint Division for Medacta USA. “Via the M.O.R.E. Symposia, Medacta has been engaging top global surgeons in important discourse for nearly two decades. The 1st M.O.R.E. Americas Symposium is an important milestone in our mission to make a global impact via education, and we have a world-class team of orthopedic leaders helping us make it a reality.”

The 1st M.O.R.E. Americas Symposium, as well as the International and Japanese installations, are organized via the M.O.R.E. (Medacta Orthopaedic Research and Education) Institute, which focuses on surgeon-to-surgeon mentorship and hands-on support for surgeons transitioning to new techniques. Within the M.O.R.E. Institute is the world-renowned AMIS™ Education Program, a comprehensive multistep training process for surgeons learning the anterior approach to hip replacement.

“I stand by Medacta in the belief that education is crucial in driving clinical proficiency, innovation and outcomes,” said John Masonis, MD, of OrthoCarolina Hip & Knee Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Chair of the 1st M.O.R.E. Americas Symposium. “The M.O.R.E. Symposia enable powerful conversations among peers not just on common challenges in orthopedics, but on the actions necessary to fix them. It’s been my pleasure to work alongside Medacta International and the Medacta USA and Canada teams as Chair of the first ever M.O.R.E. Americas Symposium to bring this event to a new geography and amplify the important international discourse discussed within.”

The 1st M.O.R.E. Americas Symposium will feature three didactic programs, each containing multiple sessions and unique case studies, as well as a series of cadaveric training workshops chaired by Tyler Goldberg, MD, of Texas Orthopedics in Austin, Texas.

  • Hip Session – Paul E. Beaulé, MD, FRCSC, of the University of Ottawa, Canada, will chair this program highlighting various techniques and designs, all with an eye toward high-level function after total hip replacement surgery.
  • Health Economics – Chaired by Michael Suk, MD, JD, MPH, MBA, of Geisinger Health System in Danville, Pennsylvania, this program comes on the heels of a value-based partnership between Medacta and Geisinger Health that seeks to improve healthcare sustainability. This section will focus on the economics of arthroplasty, driving value in healthcare and optimizing efficiencies in both hospital and outpatient settings.
  • Knee Session – David Manning, MD, of Northwestern University in Chicago, will chair this program focused on improving patient satisfaction with implant design and techniques for both total and partial knee replacements, as well as understanding the kinematics that lead to improved patient outcomes.