Freedom Guardian, wearable technology
Freedom Guardian, an all-in-one wearable technology from Medical Guardian (Medical Device News Magazine)

Medical Guardian has officially introduced its newest offering to their product line, Freedom Guardian. This simplistic, all-in-one wearable technology is designed to challenge Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) industry stereotypes and revolutionize how older Americans age in place—or on-the-go. It serves as a discrete, sleek watch aimed to blend into everyday activities while providing round-the-clock monitoring, support, and connectivity.

“Freedom Guardian is a product that is symbolic of our organization’s next phase of innovative offerings and speaks to a larger shift in the connected health space,” said Geoff Gross, founder and CEO of Medical Guardian. “We’re thrilled to finally bring this first-of-its-kind device to our current and future customers. It’s an achievement that is a result of a massive collaborative effort by our team and partners. The release of this product will further our mission to empower older Americans to continue living the lives they love, for as long as they can while maintaining an independent lifestyle.”

Offering a comprehensive suite of features designed specifically with the older adult in mind, Freedom Guardian helps users be safe, live healthy, and stay connected to loved ones and emergency operators. The watch is audible, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, with a hi-res color touchscreen and oversized icons for ease of use, which is especially useful to users whose eyesight may not be as good as it once was. This medical alert smartwatch is water-resistant, has the capability to read out the date and time, and comes in two different colors—black or white.

Freedom Guardian’s safety features include:

  • Emergency Response with Two-Way Communication: Users can call for help directly through the watch, anywhere throughout the U.S. to speak with a highly-certified operator to determine which type of service the wearer needs.
  • GPS and Wi-Fi Location Finder: Advanced location technology will search cell signals, GPS and triangulation to find the user—pinpointing his or her exact location in any emergency.
  • Text-to-speech Messaging: It’s never been easier for users to stay in touch with loved ones in their custom Care Circle through SMS messaging.
  • Reminders and Alerts: Older adults can be reminded of daily to-do’s such as when to take their medicine or drink water with timed calendar alerts and reminders delivered straight to the watch.
  • Local Weather Forecast: Stay up-to-date on the three-day local weather forecast.

Through Freedom Guardian’s complimentary app, Care Circle contacts can:

  • Monitor and receive instant notifications of the wearer’s current location and location history through the watch’s GPS capabilities and satellite view.
  • Set reminders directly through the app to ensure their loved ones are preserving their health.
  • Supervise the watch’s battery to have peace of mind their loved one is continuing to receive round-the-clock support and protection.
  • Send messages directly to the wearer to check-in on their day or remind them of important upcoming events.

According to TRG Associates, the current total addressable PERS market penetration will be between 19 and 24 percent by 2030, up from around 5 percent today. “We’ve found that low consumer adoption stems from a negative stigma associated with traditional medical alerts systems, which are often bulky and offer the ‘button push’ pendant as their only feature,” continued Gross. “When customers don’t have an everyday use for a product that they pay for and wear, they can often forget about the intended value of that protection. Freedom Guardian encourages older adults to continue leading the lifestyles they enjoy with the most in-demand safety features and monitoring capabilities—providing daily value to users and their loved ones.”

Medical Guardian first announced and demoed Freedom Guardian at the global 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, showcasing several of its features including Emergency/SOS, voice messaging capabilities, and GPS and Wi-Fi Location Detections.

Freedom Guardian is available for purchase on Medical Guardian’s website and various retail outlets. Through Medical Guardian’s direct-to-consumer channel, the device costs $99 and there is a monthly service charge of $44.95. Additional monthly charges of $5 will be applied for messaging and reminders usage. Customers will be able to keep and use the device as a standard watch if they choose to stop using the service capabilities.  Learn more here.