MedX Health Corp Completes the Design Phase of its Telemedicine Platform

The Completion of the design phase will allow MedX’s scanning devices to be deployed in multiple points of service in North America and internationally

Friday, February 26, 2021

MedX Health Corp. announced that it has completed the design phase of its telemedicine platform which will allow MedX’s scanning devices to be deployed in multiple points of service in North America and internationally. The scanned images will be sent securely to dermatologists for remote assessment, allowing for accelerated referral for patients to an in-person consultation with a dermatologist for the treatment of suspicious cases.

Regarding this new milestone, Robert von der Porten, President and Chief Executive Officer of MedX commented, “We are very excited about reaching this important milestone with Blanc Labs as we believe that this telemedicine platform is a game-changer for MedX and its growth trajectory, and ultimately for people – no matter where they live – who will be able to get their moles and lesions accurately assessed by a dermatologist without having to endure lengthy wait times to determine if there is cancer present.”  He added, “It brings the advantages of telemedicine to the growing skin cancer problem, while offering the benefits of software as a service (SaaS). We are confident that the deployment of our system, which will be available early in 2018, will help reduce patient wait times, healthcare costs and mortality rates.”

On the new partnership: “Our partnership will allow us to continue to be innovators in building this platform. Skin cancer is a massive global issue and we see the telemedicine platform as a way to help dramatically reduce skin cancer’s human, financial and emotional toll,” concluded Dariush Zomorrodi, Blanc Lab’s Chief Innovation Officer

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer but when caught early it is largely curable. Frequent skin screenings, early detection and a strong focus on prevention are all necessary to stop the rise in melanoma cases.

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