Millar Appoints Dr. Alfred Coats Chairman of the Board

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Dr. Alfred Coats has been appointed Chairman of the Board for Millar, Inc. The combination of Dr. Coats’ business acumen and medical device background provides excellent support for the governance of the company’s direction and goals.

Dr. Coat’s value stems from his decades of business experience and his strong background in medical science acquired through his MD degree at Baylor College of Medicine and MS in physiology awarded with high honor. He served as a professor at Baylor for 28 years and published over 70 peer-reviewed clinical research papers and over 10 books and invited chapters. His medical science background led way to the founding of LifeTech, Inc., a medical device company that grew from $250K to $10MM in annual sales, where he remained President and CEO until he sold the company in 2013. Additionally, he previously held a role as Director of the Space Life Sciences Division of the Universities Space Research Association for a period of 10 years. Currently, Dr. Coats provides consulting as the Managing Partner of AlphaQuest Consulting, LLC and is an investor member of the Houston Angel Network where he is chairman of the Life Sciences Group.

Russell Millar shares: “I am pleased to announce that Dr. Alfred Coats has accepted the position as Chairman of the Board of Millar, Inc. Dr. Coats has been a friend of the Millar family for over 40 years.  With his previous experience of founding and operating a successful, innovative medical device manufacturing company here in Houston, he brings a wealth of experience to the position.”

“He has made valuable contributions as a board member, having an attention to detail in both the business and engineering aspects of the company. In that role he has already provided great perspective and insight on Millar’s new focus on OEM sensor integration services. I was honored to be able to ask Dr. Coats to be Chairman, and he said he was honored to accept. I am looking forward the continuing the success of Millar, Inc. in our future endeavors with him as Chairman,” continues Russell Millar.



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