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ICE Delivery System: Millipede, Inc., a medical device company leading the way in adding to the structural heart toolbox for the interventional cardiologist, has successfully treated two patients utilizing its latest-generation delivery system which incorporates a fully integrated intracardiac echocardiography catheter (ICE). The catheter was designed to enhance the precise delivery and accurate placement of the IRIS annuloplasty ring implant.

The IRIS annuloplasty ring, delivered via a transcatheter-transseptal delivery system, follows the standard surgical approach to repair and reduce the size of a dilated mitral annulus. The IRIS device is a complete ring designed to be used as a stand-alone device, or in combination with other technologies in patients with severe mitral regurgitation. The system is also capable of being utilized to treat severe tricuspid regurgitation.

“Our team is very excited to see the advancement of the delivery system and implant now with integrated ICE being used in patients with functional mitral regurgitation,” said Randy Lashinski, Millipede’s President and CEO.

The enhanced system was recently utilized to successfully treat two patients with functional mitral regurgitation. These patients were discharged from the hospital on the following day. They, and all previously implanted Millipede patients, continue to do well on their latest follow ups.

“This latest generation Millipede IRIS has many improvements and now with the integrated ICE imaging catheter, we are able to implant the semi-rigid adjustable ring easily and precisely with total procedural times under two hours,” noted Dr. Jason Rogers, the clinical lead and interventional cardiologist from Sacramento, California

“The company has been rapidly enhancing the IRIS system in preparation for US and EU clinical studies. The continuation of clinical evidence has allowed for a rapid advancement of delivery catheter and IRIS implant while providing a safe predictable tool for the interventionalist,” noted Eberhard Grube, Professor of Cardiology at the University of Bonn in Germany.